Photos by Arthur Condo

We were teasing Arthur Condo a bit—but only a bit, because he and his partner, Anna Blume, have just purchased space at Art Condos.  We were joking about his passion for taking photographs that most people would think of as banal.

“I love photos like this – a street sign just outside the rising Art Condos building on Dovercourt Road,” Arthur told us.  “It’s a sign of our times.”  “You mean because they‘re everywhere?” we asked him. “No, I mean it is part of a universal language,” Arthur said—“like primitive runes or pictographs.”

We asked him to explain further.

“Well,” he began, “there’s this strange little black shape, which we have somehow all agreed stands for a man walking (even though his head is a disc that has entirely separated from his body).  There are never any signs showing a woman walking, or a child walking.”

“Or a dog walking,” we added.  Arthur looked irritated.

“And look at that strong, stern arrow,” he said.  “What authority it has! It says move over this way—to avoid the condo building that is rising right before your eyes—and people do!  The sign is forceful. Even arrogant (though it is pretending to be helpful).  This is an incredibly compact, condensed language that we have here.  I’ve got to document examples of it—it’s part of the sociology of our times!”

We bought Arthur a coffee.