Photos by Arthur Condo

Arthur Condo kept dropping off his spare, minimal photographs to us.  Each one so far was about the gradually-rising ArtCondos building.  It had occurred to us that he might be making a nuisance of himself, hanging around the site, but so far nobody had complained about him.

His latest effort was, we admit, a clean piece of design.
I didn’t know what to call those ladder-like braces,” Arthur told us, “so I emailed the architect of the building, David Oleson.”

“You emailed David Oleson?”  We were surprised.  “You shouldn’t have disturbed David about a little thing like that” we told him. “Oh he was very nice about it,” said Arthur.

“What did he tell you?” we asked him.  We didn’t really know what these things were called either.  “They are called re-shoring,” he wrote, “and are part of the concrete formwork system for the floor slab above.  The bracing and formwork,” he continued, “are typically left in place for the period of time required to allow the concrete to cure and reach the proper design strength….”

We looked again at Arthur’s photograph—this time with more interest than before.