The Art Condos Green Roof: A Meadow In The Sky

“There aren’t very many yet in the city,” says Art Condos architect, David Oleson, “but there will be more and more of them.”  David is of course, referring to Art Condos’ own green roof.  A roof composed of hardy, sustainable, vegetative ground-cover.

While a green roof is not exactly a garden, It is a powerful aid in the environmental wellbeing of both the building and the city at large. “The green plant material is Sedum, and it’s very hardy. There has to be a source of water for it during this first year of its planting, but after that it’s pretty much self-sustaining.” David believes that in the very near future, sky-gardens will become both desirable and inevitable as part of a growing cityscape.

Green roofs are very important and enormously valuable.  “A green roof cuts the force of ultraviolet rays coming to the building,” Oleson points out, “ it makes the building and by extension, the city – cooler.  It also disperses rainwater evenly, cutting down on the rush of runoff water that deluges the city after a rain.  Basically, a green roof just makes a building more responsible.”

“Also,” he adds “it makes it rather pleasant for the people in taller buildings nearby to be able to look down on greenery, rather than just roofing!”

The following email–sent to ART Condos blog editor, Gary Michael Dault,
is from ART Condos architect, David Oleson.

Musing about the roofs of the ART Condos – the ‘fifth facade’ of the project.

When you look at the project from the air, it approaches 100% ‘landscape’:
– 45% green roof at 12th floor
– 20% roof terraces at 9th, 7th, and 5th floors
– 15% courtyard at 3rd floor
– 20% amenity deck at 5th floor

You can’t say that we don’t make good use of all opportunities.


Oleson Worland Architect