Live / Work / Retail Space

We endorse and encourage creativity. Art, in all its iterations, forms the audio and video of life. To this end, we’ve designed the ground floor units at ART to be creative space. Live and work units where you can sleep, eat, live and create. Open the gallery you’ve always dreamed of, but could never afford. Design, paint, sculpt, dance, make music, take photographs and exhibit these directly to the public, on your own terms.

These are spaces for creative people to pursue creative endeavors at a cost that’s no more expensive than a standard condominium residence. In other words, create your own destiny in a space you own. Design the space that suits your needs and enhances the experience for your audience. Live, exhibit and create in a neighbourhood that radiates with the same inspiration as some of the world’s most famous art districts, but at a fraction of the cost. Finally, the final word is yours.