Art we love: Art Brownies

These hotly coloured, inventively composed mini-blocks of art activity are, in fact, Art Brownies: small, unique works of art made by various artists, both local and international, on one standard format, each Art Brownie being a mini-canvas consisting of a block of spruce wood, 2.5 inches square (and 1.5 inches in height).

The Art Brownie has been devised by photographer Lee Ka-Sing, who, with his wife, Holly Lee—also a photographer—owns and operates Index G, a remarkably vivacious art gallery and art shop at 50 Gladstone Avenue, just one block north of the Gladstone Hotel. The Art Brownies—some of which are now on the wall at the gallery—are the stuff of an international invitational, an exhibition for this coming summer called Art Brownie Rainbow 2012, for which the current exhibition acts as a kind of preview.

The Art Brownies already on exhibition at Index G, which are all unique objects and signed by the artist, vary in price from $30 to $100 each. Index G is at 50 Gladstone Avenue.