Mabel’s bakery finds a new home on Queen West

Mabel’s Bakery at 323 Roncesvalles Avenue has been an oasis of great baked goods and specialty foods for about four years now. About six weeks ago, owner Lorraine Hawley opened a second Mabel’s–at 1156 Queen street West. It will be no surprise to hear that this second Mabel’s is, of course, every bit as glorious as the first one–the bread and croissants are just as flaky, buttery and fragrant as ever, the famous cupcakes are as sweetly baroque as before, and the sumptuous cakes are decorated with real flowers.

A few days ago, we dropped in to Mabel’s for an early morning coffee and stayed long enough to chat a bit with manager Mary McDonald.

Fresh bread

Buttery croissants

Flowery cake

Charming cupcakes

Mabel's preserves