The Little Bed That Could.

Given this expedient age’s tendency to throw everything away and buy new, we think it’s refreshing that TEB Interiors–whose principal, Terry Edward Briceland designed the Art Condos model suites–took on the refurbishing of this elderly settee.  Seeing the object as dated but reworkable, TEB set about giving it a brave new life–as documented in these photographs and accompanying texts.

David and Stefanie from 3Sixty Space Planning Design Inc. brought us this great project for a client of theirs.

They were updating the bedroom so needed to ‘Freshen Up’ this little sofa in the room as well.

Definitely time for some 'Modernizing'

First things first….

Tear this Mother down

This is definitely some old school stuffing.  AND it was in perfect condition so we were able to just re-use it.

Don't EVER be afraid of a large print

Almost done

A Solid velvet for the seat cushions....dude, SHWING!!!

Pillows and window treatments help tie the whole thing together.

Yes.....we do windows as well